Web Camera Image Policy

Camera image user restrictions:
  • Please call Gaslight Media if you would like to display these images in ways that don’t conform with restrictions.
  • You must send an E-Mail to info@gaslightmedia.com notifying us of any display or use of these images on your website including the URL of the page where they are displayed.
  • You may not copy these images or display them using a caching server.
  • Images displayed on your website must be served directly from Gaslight Media servers. To do this use one of the following URLs for the “src=” value of your “img” tag.
    For Lakes Street images replace “GLM-Basin” in the URLs above with “GLM-LakeStreet”
  • Only “MediumSmall” and smaller images may be used on your Website. The images above are MediumSmall.
  • Images may not be trimmed or modified and the white text at the bottom must remain and be readable.
  • Images must be their actual size and proportion. No use of HTML or CSS parameters to cause re-sizing of the images is permitted.
  • All images must link to Petoskey.com when clicked. “https://www.petoskey.com”


Interested in a camera for still images or full-motion video at your location?

Contact Gaslight Media for more information on a full range of cameras, low-light performance and IR illumination, up to “4K” resolution (3840×2160), streaming services, archival storage, and Web site integration. We also can place a weather station at your location and display weather information on your Website!


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